Complete Windscreens | Experts In Stone Chip Repair & Replacements In Adelaide.

Stone chip repair Adelaide.

Stone chips on a windscreen are unsightly, and if left unrepaired, can lead to larger cracks forming, meaning you’ll have to replace the windscreen.

Complete Windscreens were the 1st company in SA to do stone chip repairs on damaged windscreens. Where possible we will aim to repair your chipped or cracked windscreen to prevent a replacement.

We inject a super-strong resin into the chip, displacing the trapped air and filling in the gaps and cracks. We then cure the resin with UV light, which hardens the resin and bonds it to the glass, restoring the structural integrity of your windscreen. The resin is optically matched to the glass, meaning that once repairs are complete, the resin is indistinguishable from the rest of the windshield.

When you trust Complete Windscreens with your windscreen stone chip repair, the end result is just as good as a replacement.

Glass polishing Adelaide.

We are the only Automotive Glazing company in SA to polish scratch-damaged automotive glass, being windscreens, rear screens, side windows, from the latest cars to your beloved vintage or classic vehicle.

So when you trust Complete Windscreens with your glass polishing you know we will restore it to like new.

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