Complete Windscreens is a trusted South Australian name for car glass and window tinting for over 40 years.

We use window tint film imported from the USA and we stock a wide range of grades, meaning more choice of tint shade to suit you. We can even mix and match for different windows if you need it.

We provide a flawless tinted solution, using only the highest quality materials applied by fully trained and experienced staff who are experts in their trade.

Car window tinting must be conducted in a clean environment free of dirt and dust. Otherwise, these fine particles can get trapped between the film and the glass, leaving lumps, bumps and bubbles that ruin the look of your car window.

This is why the Complete Windscreens customised car window tinting service is carried out in-house at our Prospect base in a tightly controlled and clean space, with no contaminants and no particulates in the tinting work area.


Car Window Tinting by Complete Windscreens – Adelaide’s Window Tinting Specialists

Stay cool and comfortable all year round!

As Adelaide’s number one window tinting specialist, you can rest assured that your car or vehicle will turn heads with the professional finish.

Our experienced team works with all makes and models, and we only use professional window films. This means you get more options with Complete Windscreens and a guaranteed top-quality finish every time.

Our car window tinting solution stands the test of time with window tints that resist against fading, colouring, peeling and unsightly bubbles enabling us to offer a Lifetime Warranty whilst you own your vehicle.

Protect your car, protect your skin and ensure your privacy with South Australia’s leading car window tinting service professionals.

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